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March 15, 2009
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A by LimKis A by LimKis

Aby LimKis

Scraps©2009-2014 LimKis

I didn't know the name of the author whose work I copied. The photo of that work was given to me. I was told it's quite like mine and asked to make an copy of it.
I know name now. I'm a bit surprised by such a big fuss that author made about me'd forgotten to mention his name

=transfuse - [link]
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T-SLA Featured By Owner Mar 17, 2009
So... a guy copied you and later you copied him?? :-?
Street-FX Featured By Owner Mar 16, 2009   Interface Designer
hahaha....very suspicious
StarrShyne Featured By Owner Mar 16, 2009  Hobbyist General Artist
Wow Art Drama.. beautiful piece reguardless :D
tres-jane Featured By Owner Mar 16, 2009
LimKis, maybe you should clarify who the "I" is in that quote you have from Transfuse above. Otherwise you're going to come off sounding like the obnoxious/unreasonable one here, when in fact it's the other way around and you're the author whose work was taken uncredited...

Congrats to the other artist for what I also consider a very strong piece, but it is more than a little irritating that they did an -overpaint- (or at least a patchwork) without citing the base material.
wickedly-inspired Featured By Owner Mar 15, 2009
I like yours a lot better actually.
122476 Featured By Owner Mar 15, 2009  Professional Digital Artist
KidAngel Featured By Owner Mar 15, 2009
He didn't really make that big a fuss, just asked that you had put his name on it. Seems quite fair to me..
KidAngel Featured By Owner Mar 23, 2009
After reading other comments, I see what's going. Immature of both of you tbqh
MJWilliam Featured By Owner Mar 15, 2009  Professional Traditional Artist
As much as I like your work, I have to agree with the original work's author. Think about it, how would you feel if someone used your original work and didn't mention you?

This is friendly advice from one artist to another: be careful with these things. Some people are very sensitive about this, and some will even go as far as to sue you for copyright infringement. I use reference in my work all the time, but I never use it without permission or when I don't know who made it. It's just safer that way. :)
Yanilyn Featured By Owner Mar 15, 2009  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Lol, now :devtransfure: mentioned ~LimKis on his mermaid artwork.
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